Best WordPress Author Box Plugins Honest comparison-2020


OK, let’s start by giving you a situation. Let’s assume there is a small kid. His mother on one side and a complete stranger on the other.

What are the odds that the kid will head to the mother? 99%, I’d say.

Why because the trust, and care are really important factors, even when we grow up.

And that’s the whole point of having a WordPress Author Box on your site. By offering amazing helpful content, you build care. But by displaying the personal side, you build trust and relationship.

Table of Contents

1. Simple Author Box
2. Fanciest Author Box
3. Molongui Authorship
4. Ultimate Author Box Lite
5. Starbox
6. Bonus: Highly Engaging WordPress Author Box

Before I start throwing the names, I want to tell you a few things that are common in each of these WordPress author box plugins. All of these are responsive, easy to navigate, hide/show control on the top & bottom of the post.

1. Simple Author Box

simple author box  - wordpress author box plugin

As the name suggests, Simple Author Box does not only look simple but is also simple to operate. It is added automatically in the post.

It shows the author gravatar, name, website, description (author bio), and social icons. One con can be that it is fairly easy to achieve the same look of WordPress author box by customizing CSS manually.

  • Social Media: Of course you can add different social media platforms to directly interact with your audience. A strong reason to build trust & personal brand.
  • Customizable: With its support on appearance control makes it sync quite well with your existing website. You have control over colors, margins, & typography as well.
  • Support: Simple Author Box passes with flying colors when it comes to supporting systems, which includes a forum as well.
  • RTL & AMP Support: It is pretty light and above all it supports AMP.
  • Guttenberg Block: This allows you to add the block anywhere in the post and switch among multiple authors your website has. Plus you can use shortcode to place it wherever you like
  • Premium Options: Just like any other pro version, Simple Author box gives higher control. It enables co-authors, guest authors features, etc. and costs $29/year.

I sometimes use affiliate links in my content. This won’t cost you anything but it helps me to offset the costs of writing. Thanks for your trust & support!

2. Fanciest Author Box

Fanciest Author Box - wordpress author box plugin

Fanciest Author Box is a premium version of Fancier Author Box, costing $17 excluding taxes.

Now, you’d ask what makes it the fanciest? Along with the basic facilities, a user can switch between different tabs containing the latest posts, and social media accounts with an option to subscribe.

  • Allows Automatic/Manual Placement:  Right after installation the author bio is, by default, enabled on all your posts, pages, and custom post types. You can disable the author box where you don’t want it or implement it manually using: widget, template tag & shortcode.
  • Color Customization: It gives you full control over the color customization of active & inactive tabs, borders, background, and even the content within, which makes it sync quiet well with your website.
  • Latest Posts: It provides a separate tab dedicated to the latest posts written by the respective author.
  • Lazy Load for improved page speed.
  • RSS Feed will let you reach your active readers
  • Custom Tabs: Custom Tab Option which allows you to add different social media account tabs along with an HTML tab. This adds a lot of information, which eventually three-folds the attention to the authors. Perfect for building a personal brand.
  • Increases Click-Through Rate: The retina-ready plugin even lets you add YouTube Subscribe Widget, Facebook Like & Follow, Twitter Bio & Latest Tweet, Custom HTML tab, etc.

Note: Fanciest Author Box is not compatible with BuddyPress.

3. Molongui Authorship

Molongui Authorship - wordpress author box

Molongui Authorship pretty much stands out as unlike other plugins, it avails the option to add co-authors and guest authors effortlessly along with the video guides.

If you’re looking for a free WordPress Author box plugins that comprises pretty much everything, then this is the plugin for you.

  • Highly Customizable: It gets a 9/10 when it comes to customization. You can customize almost everything from avatar to template, colors. just name it.
  • Co-Author & Guest Author: You can add multiple authors & Guest Authors with extensive control over the authors list by getting an option to add them byline or separately.
  • Related Posts: While customizing, you can choose to show related posts in a different tab.
  • Social Media: Pretty diverse when it comes to social media channels more than 90.
  • Structured Data: The RTL supported plugin also adds the author schema markup.
  • Great Support: The plugin has the option to generate the ticket within itself and you can refer to support forum as well.
  • Premium: The premium version costs $29/year and allows you to add author box in the sidebar and almost anywhere you like. It comes along with decent number of templates and more customization options.

4. Ultimate Author Box Lite

Ultimate author box Lite - wordpress author box plugin

Ultimate Author Box Lite is a Free WordPress Author Box that comes with 5 pre-designed templates along with the option to customize the color.

You can also change the appearance by adding CSS within the plugin. If you’re looking for a fancy look without doing much then this WordPress author box plugin is for you.

  • Custom Images: It allows you to add images from your social media profiles.
  • Personal Information: You can also add an email and phone number.
  • Multiple Tabs: You can add multiple tabs for the latest posts, RSS feeds, social media channels, etc.
  • Social Media: You can add upto 10 different social media channels.
  • Premium: The premium Ultimate Author Box is compatible with GDPR and has numerous beautiful templates. [These templates really stand out] It syncs well as it gives full control over the colors and appearance.

5. Startbox

starbox - wordpress author box plugin

Starbox is a WordPress Author box plugin in the plugin repository, which enables your rich snippets in the Google search results along with Google authorship for all the authors. It displays the name, job title, picture, description, social media accounts, website, and latest posts.

A shortcoming can be it does not give much freedom to play around with the appearance and the colors. However, you can change CSS if you’re familiar with it.

  • Customize: As the tag line suggests: The Author Box for Humans can be customized uniquely for each author.
  • Custom Image: You can also add custom author images besides the gravatar image.
  • Job Profile: It also allows you to add a job description for your authors.
  • Structured Markup: Adds rich snippet in google search results.
  • Templates: You can access different templates that sync well with your profile.
  • Multiple Tabs: Some templates already have the latest posts tab that makes it easy to navigate to different posts from that author.

6. Bonus: Copies of Highly Engaging WordPress Author Box

Keep it Light!

Examples of highly engaging wordpress author box

Summarize your life

Example of highly engaging wordpress author box

Short & Smart

Examples of highly engaging wordpress author box

Tell them about your hobbies, Coffee is a great start

Examples of highly engaging wordpress author box

Love this one! Taking the personalization to next level

Examples of highly engaging wordpress author box

In my opinion, personalization is the best way to build audience. It feels home & family.

What do you think? What is your pick amongst WordPress Author Box plugins out there? Any favorite author bio I missed out in the bonus section? list it down in the comment section.

See you guys in the next blog ❤

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