How to Drive Website Traffic From Quora in 2020


What does it feel like when nobody is there by your side to listen up to your breakup stories?

The very same feeling hits when you’re continuously writing & adding value to your blog but nobody is there to read such rich content.

But what if I say that there is an underrated strategy to drive website traffic is Quora.

If you’ve felt the same emptiness on your blog, this quora guide will snatch away that emptiness from you. 

After going through this, you can expect to:

  • Get a kickass Quora Profile,
  • Ace Quora Strategy,
  • How to write an answer that converts, &
  • Drive website traffic from quora.
drive website traffic from quora

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Quora introduction


How Can Quora Change The Game

In this chapter, I’m going to introduce you to Quora & it’s lesser-known benefits, such as:

  • Drive website traffic from Quora
  • Establish Self-Authority in your space
  • Build an Email List
  • Find Content Ideas
  • Get Syndicated to Top Publications. such as Forbes, Huffpost, etc.

Let’s dive right in the detailed strategies to drive website traffic from Quora

Introduction to Quora

Quora is an online community of people providing answers to questions from a diverse set of industries from spirituality to robotics.

Despite ranked #345 in the US, It still shows a rising graph on google trends.

Although the Q&A  platform was launched back in 2008 by Adam D’Angelo, Facebook’s former CTO, it is quite possible that you’ve never used it or just had been an onlooker who overlooked it’s potential.

The Q&A platform gives you an option to ask questions & get answers from experts, create new spaces/communities, and even interact with people who are impossible to reach, otherwise. 

This is what it looks like 

Some remarkably famous people such as Barack Obama, Sundar Pichai are also on Quora

All of this is ok but why do we need Quora in the first place?

Ok Imagine this,  you’re sitting on a chair with your thoughts, & a question for some ridiculously famous person pops up.

You open your laptop, head over to quora & throw your question. Imagine getting a reply from the same person.

You formed a different sense of connection, a connection that can be labeled as trust. The trust that takes a whole life to be built.

Apart from driving website traffic from Quora, it can help you with 8 other things.

1. Build An Email List

You might have noticed that people tend to open emails that are backed by a well-known personality whom they trust.

This is the reason why quora can be the best platform to push for email sign-ups. Just make sure you do not do it from the first day of blogging.

Doing so from the first day will create the sense that you’re answering questions merely for promoting or generating leads.

So strategize by writing every day, & let your profile sit & breath. After you’ve gained much traction & built trust, then you’re good to go for promotional stuff & email signups.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to sound like a salesperson who continuously pokes to buy this pen. Because the whole idea of sales is to increase sales without sounding salesy.

Just keep it natural like: “I’ve shared this trick to my email subscribers & my email was blown by replies saying this trick worked like a charm for most of them who tried.” instead of saying “subscribe to my email list here.

2. Get Syndicated To Top Site Publications

Apparently, Quora has now affiliated with many big publications such as Forbes, Huffpost, TIME, etc, wherein it syndicates answers under the Quora section of these big labels. 

But how to land on such an opportunity?

Start by going through the quora section under these publications. You can do the advanced search on google by typing -> quora 

quora affiliation with major publications

Click on the link as shown above & go through different answers that got mentioned. It will give you the idea, whether they publish content in your niche. If they do, what qualifies you to get a mention?

Another trick can be that you find people on quora with this “Quora Media and Publishing Team” in their bio or tagline. These are the people who reach you to get your content published. 

quora media publishing

To get yourself noticed:

  1. Start by answering their questions.
  2. Follow them on Twitter
  3. After forming a connection you can pitch them on Twitter or on quora

DO NOT overdo it. There’s a chance you won’t get a  reply. Just accept it & move on. If they’ll like your answer, they won’t hesitate to publish it. After all, they are here to assist the Quorans.

The third method could do that directly on the publication sites under their contact section. Pitch them directly, & try your luck. 

I’d suggest going for the last two methods after gaining a decent amount of followers.

3. Connect With People

This is one of the key activities I can’t stop endorsing. Just head over to quora with your keen observation & start following people who are killing in your industry. 

This will bring you on par with those existing bulls. At Least this is how I started my Quora journey & trust me it will serve you with do’s & don’ts after spending a little time.

To find relevant people:

  1. start by searching for topics related to your niche & click on your niche.
  2. Look for the “Most Viewed Writers” section under that topic.

Now, you’ve hacked the list of most famous writers on quora who’ve made their way in your niche. 

For those of you who don’t know, topics are just the way of organizing questions on quora and can be edited by anyone, even by the person who hasn’t asked the question. 

To find topics you’ve followed already:

Go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture at the top

  1. Click on the “Following” tab
  2. Select “Topics” from the dropdown which is currently labeled as “People

After discovering these profiles, observe what they are doing, how they have set up their profile’s bio, which taglines are they using (we can have multiple taglines, I’ll reveal how we can do that later in this guide. ), What kind of pictures are working for them, & which topics & people are they following? 

There will be numerous takeaways. Here is the list of some of the most famous people on Quora:

  1. Balaji Viswanathan (பாலாஜி விஸ்வநாதன்) has 515,778 followers
  2. Adam D’Angelo has 405,865 followers
  3. Jimmy Wales has 376,201 followers
  4. Richard Muller has 278,744 followers
  5. Awdhesh Singh (अवधेश सिंह) has 255,999 followers
  6. James Altucher has 243,308 followers
  7. Robert Frost has 243,274 followers
  8. Roman Saini has 216,798 followers
  9. Sean Kernan has 195,016 followers
  10. Justin Trudeau has 193,842 followers
  11. Dushka Zapata has 192,180 followers

4. Establish Self-Authority In Your Space

Who doesn’t know Gary Vaynerchuck? This man started with a liquor store on the pillars of Self-Brand & made it a huge success story. I mean this is not something we get to see every now and then.

This truly tells how personal branding can give you a huge leap in your career.

Quora can be that platform to build you that success.

Besides, the platform is not restricted to a particular niche. It covers everything you can possibly think of. Even if it doesn’t, you always have the liberty to grab your first-mover advantage. 

After you’ve garnered followers & decent engagement on your answers, you’ll surpass the stage of posting regularly to maintain the rank among the top writers

top writers on quora

You’ll start earning badges & people will request you to answer questions in your expertise. What is a better sign of authority than this?

5. Find Content Ideas

As a blogger, we are continuously on the lookout of new & interesting content ideas in our niche. You can skim through millions of ideas & questions people really care about. 

Not only can you use these ideas to create blogs but also answer those questions and drive website traffic from quora.

Just go and search for topics & spaces in your area to find new content ideas.

To find new content ideas for your blog that can easily get ranked on the search engine, simply Google the search term and look at the results on page 1. 

content ideas from quora

Are there any established niche-related authority sites ranking on the first page?

If the first page is just full of forums/Quora type results and there are no authority sites, then there’s a huge chance you’ll get your brand new site ranking. 

This trick is amazing to get yourself ranked in your early blog days.

6. Acknowledge Diversified View

As a blogger, you’d always crave metrics to know what people are actually looking for. This will help you curate content according to the needs of people & debunk myths. 

Just like Facebook groups, it can portray itself as a research center for you. Let’s say many people have answered a question, and a few answers managed to get a handsome number of likes.

You can assume what type of answer coverage & writing style satisfy people.

Also, take a glance at the comment section of each of these answers to acknowledge the criticism & support they received.

Like this Answer received disagreement in many comments. This is why I’m stressing on the comment section just so we know how much our thoughts align with the thoughts of people we are writing a blog for. 

No, I’m not saying to talk their language in your blog.

This will just let you know where you stand on the grounds of agreement & how you can make it better for your audience.

7. Make Money Out Of Quora

Yes, you heard that right. Quora initiated a partner program in 2018 to reward members of the program for asking engaging, thoughtful questions.

However, this is an invite based program. Only certain people get the invite to participate.

In layman’s terms If I ask a question and get a certain number of views, I earn money on that question for up to one year.

Quora displays ads on the majority of questions and answers besides questions that reference violence, sex, and NSFW content.

You are paid by connecting or creating a Stripe account and are paid once you make over $5 dollars over all of the questions you have asked.

There isn’t a limit to how much you can make and in the last letter from the Program, it stated that multiple people were making thousands of dollars a month from the program (as shown in the picture below), which is pretty cool for only asking questions.

make money on quora

A simple way to look at how the algorithm works is that the more views you get on a question the more money you will earn on that question.

This obviously varies and it seems to me that tech related questions earn a lot more money per view, compared to other questions, but that is for another answer.

8. Accelerate Social Media Growth

Similar to Email lists, you can grow your social media following & Facebook group participants.

I’ve seen very few profiles adopting this trick, So you can be the early adopter. You basically have to drop Footnotes on every answer as if you would do for your blog.

Like we add related topics & social media buttons, we can do the same in the footnote.

Utilize this area by adding links to your landing page & social media channels to drive website traffic from quora

Now that we’ve discussed the golden eggs of quora, let’s dive into how you can implement these tricks & what your primary focus should be.

Quora tagline


Focus On Metrics That Can Give You A Quantum Shift

After extensive research on the platform & its users, I’ve realized that some metrics, other than answers, such as:

  • Tagline,
  • Profile Summary,
  • Question Hunting, etc.

can give you a leap over others if pinched at the right point. 

Let’s find out

Start With A Tagline

A tagline shortest summary where you summaries yourself within 60 characters.

The world has changed but the era of taglines stays. Since you’re on Quora to build your audience, your only goal is to be straightforward & tell them what you can do for them.

You can think of this as “yet another opportunity to avoid drowning in a Sea of Forgettable Quorans.”

Below is one amazing example of a tagline is by Xiuxian Du (Steven Dux). Notice that the link in the taglines is not clickable.

It appears on the top of each answer & can be personalized for different answers. Meaning, Quora gives you the liberty to switch among different taglines that adds weight to your answer.

For example: If you’re smart to answer questions in different backgrounds, you can, and add more credibility by changing that tagline with respect to the question in a particular space.

edit credentials

All you have to do is click on “Edit Credential” right under your name when you click on “answer” on a particular question. 

How To Choose Among The Best

As you’ve entered marketing, you’ll realise you can A/B Test almost everything.

All you’ve to do is decide a couple of taglines, use each of them consistently for, lets say, 15 days. 

Now head over to your profile icon, click on it & then on stats. Now check for the views for the last 30 days & pick the one that performed the best.

Quora Bio


Profile Summary That Goes An Extra Mile

A well organized profile summary really matters.

Just like any other networking site, Quora has fake profiles too.

To stand out or stand real from the crowd, you need to have a food profile linked to other social networking platforms along with your website.

Not having a good bio could lead to a lack of trust which in turn means fewer conversions & leads.

Under your profile is your bio to add more value to your profile. This section is shown when someone clicks on your profile. 

Unlike tagline, it gives you the liberty to add clickable links. Think of this as your landing page where you can add:

  1. Links to your site to drive website traffic from quora
  2. Share lesser-known facts about yourself
  3. Social Media Channels
  4. High Performing Quora Questions
  5. Link to the famous publication that shared your content 
  6. Email Sign-up Link
  7. Add formatted text in bold, italics & underline. 
  8. Add Images
quora bio

Nobody has the time to read big ass paragraphs, so try to add short paragraphs & bullet points just as you would do for your landing page.

It is the perfect place to pour out your storytelling talent. Keep it a short one.

Remember, humor, emotions, & controversy work best on Quora. 

Hunt Question on Quora


How To Hunt Questions

You might skip this section, but that would be foolish!

Throwing an arrow when blindfolded is not what anyone would appreciate.

Let’s help you find your target by understanding:

  • What is the pattern of potential questions?
  • How to find such questions?
  • What tools to leverage to find the best questions?

Follow People In Your Industry

We know that Quorans who managed to garner a decent number of followers are ahead of us. So why not steal some genuine takeaways & cut the hard work for ourselves.

Start by finding top writers in your niche & check which type of questions are they answering. Observe every single thing such as 

  • The Answer to Followers ratio of these questions
  • The average length of the answers to such questions
  • The topics they are following
  • Posts they have created 
  • How regular they are with the answers
  • How they mention links in the answers to drive website traffic from quora.
find top writer on quora

Pro Tip: While viewing the questions Quorans answered, start by filtering it by “All-time views” to get the questions by the number of views in descending order. Gradually move towards questions with less number of views.

sort top questions on Quora

Every small thing matters! This will help you figure out your strategy to find questions and also to overpass the top writers.

For example, if the average length of the answer is 1000 words, then try to write an answer that has more words than the average, add natural links rather than shouting to drive website traffic from quora. 

7 By 3 Rule To Drive Website Traffic From Quora

You don’t want to kill your time on answering questions that nobody is looking for.

Preach the Choir!

Look for questions that people are already looking for to drive website traffic from Quora. 

To do this look at the Following to Answer Ratio, If it is greater than 7:3, you’re on the right path my friend. 

Follow to answer ratio

In the picture above, notice that many people are following it.

This means a massive number of people will get an email the moment you answer the question. Expect a considerable amount of attention coming your way.

Above all, the less number of answers compliments that attention

Answer Later & Bookmark Answers

Most of the Quorans collect all the questions they want to answer by adding them to answer later.

So whenever you see a potential question, click on 3 dot icons & choose the option “Answer Later”.This will save you a lot of time & let you find questions even when you’re just browsing through the platform. 

answer later on quora

If you schedule to write answers on a particular day & devote other days working on your blog, then this is the best way to do this by not draining your energy to find the right set of questions.

Also, when you’re on the lookout for questions and find a really good answer & want to keep it for future reference, then you also have the option to bookmark an answer.

  1. Just go to the answer you want to bookmark
  2. Click on three dots
  3. Choose the option “Bookmark”.

Pro Tip: In the beginning, avoid Questions with 100+ answers. Your answer might get lost in a heard

Craft Answer


Craft Answers

If you’re a writer or write casually, your writing skills will lend you a hand on Quora.

But not being a writer is not punished as well.

It can be learned.

Let’s dive into this section to understand how to write a well-strategized killing answer that can drive website traffic from quora.

Tell Stories

Stories have always played an important part in our lives. A flat-fact conveyed with a story can be powerful enough to unite us, form a connection & community. 

There is a reason why Netflix & Amazon Prime are such big hits. We, humans, are continuously on the lookout for an amazing story.

Diving into science, there are three types of learners: Visual (learn by seeing), Auditory (learn by listening), Kinetic (learn by emotions). Storytelling is a technique that evokes learning for all three learning styles.

Especially on Quora, the majority of the content is textual, and to make it interesting, storytelling is used by many top content creators. One such is Dushka Zapata who garnered 224K followers. 

dushka Quora

Optimal Length Of An Answer?

This question can be subjective. You might think, people don’t read much, so right a short answer. Some might argue against it. 

My take on this is that:

  1. Look at all the answers with higher upvotes to that particular question
  2. Find the longest one, & evaluate the amount of information poured in.
  3. Create an answer a bit longer than that with extra information that adds value to the user.

Now, we have to understand that writing a long answer is no way equals being redundant. Write an immensely valuable answer which is to the point.

What I’ve noticed is that long answers are much more appreciated than short ones, provided that you have bullet points, some interesting pictures, and a good story.

After writing your answer to the best of your ability, just do the routine checks:

  • Is the spelling okay? Do you doubt any word? Then look it up.
  • Check your facts and statistics once more.
  • Be aware of the BNBR policy. Remove any derogatory reference to any person.
  • Check if the usual reasons for collapsing apply or not.
  • Have you forgotten to end your first line with a full stop? If you have forgotten, the bots will get confused and mix up the first and second line and collapse it for bad formatting.

Initial Start Is Very Important

In an interview with the Atlantic, Stephen King quoted that “he can spend months, or even years, on writing the opening lines for a new book.

Sounds crazy, right?

It is the most important part of the answer. 

Imagine it this way, there is a question that you answered with 92 other answers, why is it that the reader would read yours?

Nor there is enough time for anyone to read each of the 93 answers. This means your long-ass answer is not worth a penny.

Plus it will cost you a hefty amount of time.

Let me show you Some of the crazy examples that have worked to captivate a hurried reader:

  • Stats/Facts Opening:
    • Pun Fact: If Cows moo in Accent then french cows would be like “Je m’appelle le Moo” & Punjabi cows be like “Fitte Moo” 
  • Outrageous Openings:
    • I was not sorry when my brother died.
    • What do you pack when you have four minutes to leave your husband?
  • Questioning Openings:
    • Do you ever feel a pang of envy? 
    • Do you hear that nagging voice, too?

These are just examples. Be creative and put your humor, emotions & controversy to create an amazing answer. 

Leave Your Answers Open Ended & Images

Goals of each quoran can be different. You might just want to:

  • Build your personal brand at this moment, 
  • Make money only on Quora itself, 
  • Generate leads, 
  • Or take them to a website. 

Assuming that your goal to generate leads & take readers to your website, answer the question but do not spill the tea.

Leave them open-ended.

Don’t tell everything right there. Leave the most important part of the blog.

Just like any other Netflix series. What makes you watch another season? A few unrevealed secrets.

Images play a powerful role too. Sometimes images speak better than words.

Intriguing Images for quora

Pro Tip: Pin your best answers on your profile, so whenever a person comes to your profile, they see you best piece of work at the top

Extra Tips

  • When you answer a question, you contest against hundreds of people like you who have posted their answers from around the world.

They say the first impression is the most important impression. But that is not true here. People who read a bad first answer or an ordinary first answer are hardly likely to remember your name when you write again a better answer some days later.

So don’t worry whether your first answer is not noticed by anyone. It does not imply that your following responses will not come to notice & be upvoted.

  • Avoid a non-English script as the starting line. The bots pounce on that right away and collapse it with ‘language not English’. You may have translated it later but how does the bot know the next line is a translation? Only human moderators will know that when you appeal.
  • Don’t expect the views to start running like a taximeter and hope for notifications popping up indicating upvotes/comments etc. (saying Awesome! Epic! etc.) Do that after you become a Star writer.
  • When you are a beginner, avoid answering a question that has 100+ answers already. Your answer is not likely to be noticed. Most of these answers are likely to be ‘me too’ type of answers.
  • Value your readers. They are human beings. They have egos. When someone replies to your answer, see if a reply is appropriate or expected by them.
  • Always answer any private message you receive. Respond to the people who ask you questions in the comment section. It means you’ve crossed the first step of “Request to Answer”.

That will help them recall your name & the probability of them reading your next answer increases. Those ignored by you, will ignore you in return in the future and not read your answer.

  • Improve your visibility on this forum by not just reading the good answers of others but by posting a good comment that makes others notice you.

Remember that by commenting on other famous answers, you advertise your name. It is so much better than just reading or upvoting & become a part of anonymous people.

When you post a comment, your name is displayed for anyone who sees the answer. Your recipient receives a notification too and your name pops up in front of his eyes unless he has turned off notifications. (Only really top writers really turn it off. Most writers eagerly wait for these notifications of upvotes and comments).

  • That person has earned it the hard way. Upvotes can be earned faster than the RBI prints currency notes and there is an inexhaustible supply of it. Your turn too for receiving more of them will come someday if you deserve it.

I’m sure this Quora bible would help you excel & drive website traffic from Quora.

Now that I’m done, over to you guys.

Talk to me in the comments on what are the challenges you might have run into while using Quora.

What is the funniest or strangest Quora write up you’ve ever come across?

Want to read some wild Quora right-ups? Head over to Twitter & search “quora min_faves:3000“.

Thank me later.

See you guys in the comments. ❤


Is Quora good for SEO?

No, Quora is immensely good for your website but not for SEO. Not directly at least. The links we add on Quora are NOFOLLOW links, which means they do not pass authority.

On the other hand, it can be a gold mine for your traffic & is a boon for blog starters to drive website traffic from quora.

Can we earn money from Quora?

Yes, You can earn money from Quora in a number of ways.
1. Quora Partner Program: It was initiated in 2018 to reward members of the program for asking engaging, thoughtful questions.
However, this is an invite based program. Only certain people get the invite to participate. People are making thousands of dollars a month from the program, which is pretty cool for only asking questions.

2. Affiliate Marketing: People ask a lot of product-related questions. This can be an opportunity to generate affiliate income by promoting your links (naturally) in the answers.

3. Generate leads: Another very common way to earn income on Quora is bringing traffic to your site to generate leads for the product or service you offer.

Are there any alternatives to Quora in 2020?

Yes, some of the widely known alternatives of Quora are:
Reddit: Reddit is a website featuring a wide variety of different content, and it has something for just about everyone. Whether you want to catch the latest news or watch some funny cat videos, Reddit has it all.
Medium: Medium is more like a blog than a Q&A forum. But many bloggers have a presence on both of them as these both powerful traffic driver.
Yahoo Answer: Ask the community about anything under the sun, including the sun, and get answers from real people. Learn how to manage your questions.
Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange Q&A communities are similar yet different from Quora. Because Stack Exchange is a community of experts while on Quora you’ll a mix set of people.

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