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We are a team of professionals with extensive careers and notable accomplishments in the education sector.

We have impacted thousands of students not just through teaching, but also through creating and publishing books that many students would have used during their journey to learn Mathematics.

We came together because we shared a similar belief – learning can be made easier and enjoyable through superior curriculum, high levels of student engagement, technology, and experiential learning.

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The Instic Academy Way

Personalized student tutoring

All our classes deliver a well designed curriculum. However, we recognise that every student learns at a different pace. We take note of our students’ weaker areas and provide help accordingly to close those gaps for maximum efficacy. We pay attention to your needs

Nurture confident learners

Our teachers engage every student in the classroom to help build their confidence in problem solving. Our lessons are designed to be progressive in terms of complexity, ensuring that students are well versed in the knowledge required for the next phase before advancing. This way, every student will be equipped with a positive mindset to tackle any problems, in and out of school.

Jan 18

Relevant and up-to-date curriculum

We consistently review the MoE school syllabus to maintain a high degree of relevance. We keep up-to-date with what the schools are teaching and the latest exam trends and formats. These information will be emphasized during our lessons to ensure our students receive the most practical information during lessons. Time is precious, learn critically

Jan 24

Flexible and adaptable curriculum

Different schools and different teachers often teach different methods to problem solving. This may create a disconnect in understanding. At Instic Academy, we help students bridge this gap so we can deeepen their understanding of the core concepts, enabling them them to wield a toolbox of methods.

Feb 14

Regular communication and feedback

Our teachers provide regular detailed feedback to students’ parent’s about their performance. We also encourage feedback and suggestions from parents. We do our best to work with parents to ensure that students get sufficient practice , attention, and support (when necessary) outside of our classes. Everything just works better with good communication.

Feb 18

Classes integrated with fun

Our teachers are trained to purposefully inject games into lessons to make them more interesting and fun. Students who enjoy their classes learn better.

Feb 26

Our Programs

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